Fast Paced 2017

Today is January 22, 11:24 PM and 8 days to go before we switch the page of our calendars.There so much had happened in the past 22 days of 2017. OJT, Midterms and Thesis deadline. I’ve been focusing on school these past few days which  I think is great because, me, not only my classmates, got a motivation to keep going for this last semester of us in the university. Yes, you read it right! Our LAST semester. On the day of the last general assembly, our Dean announces that we will have a graduation ceremony this April. I got teary eyed when one of my classmates announced it on our group chat on Facebook. Because finally, after 5 years in UMak we will be graduating..

We finalized our thesis Chapter 4 yesterday at Cheska’s. It was quite hard but with all the hard work and team work we were able to finish it before the deadline so we don’t have to cram and still have time to show it to our adviser for revisions. Our thesis defense is on February 10.

2016: A Recap Part 2

April is also up for the PGT live shows until the grand finals on May. 

May is my birthmonth. I still have internship at FBS that finished on the 27th. May is fun because every weekend I was at the Resorts World Manila watching the live shows of PGT. I never missed any weekend of it since the venue is near in my house. On May 15th, Ate Gel treated us dinner at Crisostomo. She was the one initiated to treat us since I brought puto-leche for her from Monzkie. Since my birthday is on the 17th my co-angels said it’s an advance celebration of my birthday. Yay!

June. Another school year starts. We only have few subjects and mostly minors. As usual, TV Prod is the main priority and oh! — Thesis as well!

July. Our first prod for the sem, BDSM Episode! Me and Jyren presented ourselves as writers so we did the research and writings. It was a challenge for both of us since we are not exposed on such things. The reseach process was difficult. But it was an eye opener to us for knowing such people exists.

August. Midterm. After the prod, Many of my classmates become my enemy because of that prod. We never received good credit for it. 🙄

I also had my interview for internship position at Seabiscuit but unfortunately I didn’t got the position 😦 Better luck next time!

September. Third week of this month happened my initial interview for internship post at Star Cinema. Yes, you heard it right! It went well so I’m up for the final interview. Yay!

We also did our thesis mock defense and it also turn out to be fine.

October. Promo for ate Gel’s new film — The Third Party started! So as usual… My final interview at Star cinema also happened in this month and I started at work on the 26th.

November. Busy bee at OJT because of so many events. I am very fortunate with the experiences at my training because I get to other places I’ve never been plus working with the awesome celebrities of ABS CBN. We had 2 major events — Queeb of the Night Jona and Kapamilya Play Offs. I had so much fun!

December. My days in Star has come to an end but I don’t want to leave pa so I extended one more week. It christmas season also and family time. We celebrated it with so much joy welcoming the 2 new members of our family, Betina and Cedrianna. 

I have so much to be thankful of what happened this 2016. It is indeed a roller coaster ride. I will treasure all the wonderful memories and experiences that I encountered this year as well as the new persons I came to know and become my friends. I am ready  for a fresh new start this 2017. Another year for us to make things right. And another chance for us to do our failed resolution that we weren’t able to commit to the past years.

2016: A Recap

So, It’s been a year since I last posted a blog on this site. I have few drafts that I created but failed to post because of so much errands that I was able to encounter through the past months so I failed to do so.

For the resurrection of this blog, I come up with the idea of having a recap of what happened to my life in 2016. So let’s start it here:

January, we welcomed the year with a bang! (as usual) and got shocked that Angel Locsin was included in the new set of judges in the biggest franchised talent show – Pilipinas Got Talent that was shown on its season 5. czzz9scugaaqahd


It is also the playdate of ate Gel’s new movie with Vilma Santos entitled “Everything About Her”. As usual we never missed every guestings for the promotion of the film.

After the Grand Presscon of Everything About Her at Restaurant 9501
Premiere Night!

I did a lot of fangirling on January. But this fangirling leads me to the most terrifying and traumatic night for me, because after we went to the live guesting of ate Gel on TWBA, the bus that we are riding was held up by 3 men. 😦

So moving on. February this year, I was a bit busy because we have a loads of deadline for our TV Production class and PR class because we are about to join a contest for the said subject.

For our project on TV Prod, we were able to pick Horror. I was a bit disappointed because I don’t want scary things. So for another unforgettable experience that are coming our way, we accepted the challenge. I also asked to do the pre-judging for Adspeak 2016 at Colegio de San Juan de Letran to pick the most deserving contestant the will move on to the next round.

March. Another research for the next case study and the topic we agreed is about the SSS pension hike. This final project is one for the books because I was able to interviewed Cong. Neri Colmenares. We also shoot at the Women’s Day Rally at Liwasang Bonifacio. It was tiring and hot but it’s fun!

School days come short this year because Holy Week fall into March.

April. A very peaceful summer vacation I had. We never go out of town this time because we have no budget for it and my sibling have their own vacation with their friends. So me and my parents were the ones who stayed at home. For the whole week of Holy Week I finished the book “Another Day” by David Levithan. It was a painful story. After that week I finished another 2 books, “Miss Peregrines Home for the Peculiar Children” and its sequel “Hollow City”. I am on its third book “The Library of Souls” but I didn’t finished it yet because we applied for an internship. The first day I applied was with Cheska. We went to CNN, Viva Films and Solar. Unfortunately neither of these called us. For the day 2, we went to TV5 and some advertising company that I forgot the names. They didn’t call also. Then Day 3, we went to Paragon Plaza at Mandaluyong where a lot of radio stations are in there. We pass our CVs and got hired at DWBL which is an AM Station.

April is also the birth month of Ate Gel. We organized a Birthday Bash for her on the 26th. Because we got a news that she don’t want to celebrate her birthday. Maybe because she’s from a break-up and want to grieve. But that doesn’t stop us from making her happy.



Part 2 to be continued…

December Errand

2015 is a tough year for me because I got to face challenges that I slightly overcome for the past months. So, to treat myself with my usual life as a fan I went to the annual ABS-CBN Christmas Special which held at the Araneta Coliseum last December 8, 2015. It was 2 years ago since the last time I watched their show.

So to share with you my experience here are photos that I personally shot during the show.

Toni Gonzaga and Jed Madela graced the opening.
Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga for their spiel
Liza Soberano, Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre doing a spiel
Kapamilya Leading men. John Lloyd Oh my gosh!!
Enrique Gil and Maja Salvador twerking it like Miley 😛

My time was not wasted because I got the chance to see my new favorite – Jodi Sta. Maria and Ian Veneracion. These two are always giving me shots of happiness every time I watched them both in Pangako Sa’yo. Super kilig!

Jodi taking her turn on stage singing the theme song of their MMFF Entry.
The cast of All You Need is Pag-ibig. #Amorado pls..
Holding hands mehn!!!

And of course the highlight of the show are the hottest love teams of this generations.


The show ended singing Thank You for the Love sung by the Kapamilya Stars.


Before I end this blog, I wanted to thank Daniel Rocks, fans of Daniel Padilla for lending me a ticket to the venue. Thank you Guys!


Angel Locsin is still my Darna

Last night was by far the saddest day of our lives as Angel Locsin fans. It was one quick message from Ate Claire telling us to watch TV Patrol because Angel will make an announcement there. We are all confused of her unexpected guesting. We all don’t know what’s her agenda. Then the news came out…

Angel Locsin will not reprise DARNA on big screen anymore. After hearing the whole report I came up on our bed room and cried. I was hurt and broke my heart shattering into pieces. The only thing I can do last night was to express my anger and sadness by tweeting what my mind says. I know Angel had a  bulging spine since the day she was rushed to the hospital. But we shut our mouths because we are afraid that the media could pick it up and do articles that she was the cause of delay.

What I did last night on twitter was very selfish act. I only did that because I love ate Gel so much that I don’t want her to be hurt that much. I don’t want to see her in pain.

After hearing her all out interview about her back pain and withdrawing Darna, I fully understand of why. Health comes first and I want to see her become a Mom with her little Angels.

Darna is an iconic heroine of the Philippines. Darna makes a Star not a Star makes Darna. Maybe its time for her to hang in the red suit because she already prove herself in there before but it cannot take away my dream and surely our dream of seeing her again wearing that one. It may be painful to us but still Angel will surely be our superhero even without wearing that costume.

Blood Donation

Yesterday, We went to Quirino Memorial Medical Center at Quezon City with my mom and my sister. They accompany me to donate blood and also to visit Tito Charlie who’s currently suffering on a disease. When we get there we went straight to the blood bank and fill up the form. After filling up, the nurse called my name and do some tests if I am capable of donating and there! I am totally fit for it and there is no turning back.

I tried to calm myself and listen to music. I have a strong pain tolerance but most people don’t know that I am afraid of blood. As the tests go by, the nurse pierced my ring finger to get a little portion of blood to test what is my blood type and hemoglobin count. But it didn’t hurt that much as what I am expected.

Then, the nurse tell me to lie on the bed and there he applied the needle on my right arm and start the donating process. It hurts when the needle was inserted to my veins because it was deep but as time goes by it didn’t hurt that much.

After the donation process, I did not feel dizziness but after 5 minutes my sight turns white. I drink both pineapple juice and water in one sitting and feels better. I didn’t expect that I would feel that way but at least now I know.

It feels good to give your gift of life to somebody that needs it. Relative to yours or not.

Radio Drama is Love.

I never act on a play even on a screen because I always think that I don’t have talent when ot comes to acting. But this one,  our Radio Production project which is to produce a Radio Drama pushed me to go out of my comfort zone. Here, I unleashed my inner actress in me.

Jyren and I wrote the story of a family whose each member of it have its own journey and trials. We inserted a classic and modern touch of a family. I think we did hit it in the middle of it. Hahaha!

My character here was quite an antagonist to the point that all hardworks of my sister Gloria (played by Cheska) were wasted. Because in an unfortunate incident my character became pregnant. We do all banters of lines to each other.


It was an on-the-spot acting for me because I wasn’t able to read the whole script. I don’t know how to deliver the line until I get it with so much practice for the whole recording.

It was a very fun experience for me to record and here my voice acting for a certain character. May be here,  I can truly say I am proud of myself. Haha 😝